one awkward charades game away from perfection

i could have used about 20 more minutes of touring and negative minutes of charades.

that kitchen snug room is a place i’d never leave. in fact you might find me in the middle of the night, standing there, staring at the wall of dishes.

monday poll

it’s another round of which would you choose?

today it’s pools.

i’ve never had a pool. growing up my neighbors had an above ground pool that the youngest daughter (my closest friend in the hood) would invite only certain kids over some days and other kids on other days. there were days when i wasn’t invited and i had to watch other kids swimming in the pool from my living room. just now realizing as i type this how cruel that was.

ugh. sorry. i’m ok.

so, if you have a pool do you love it? did you inherit it? do you hate having a pool? is it the pool of your dreams? if you don’t have a pool, which of these would you choose? the only rule is you can’t change anything this time. you get everything that pool comes with. house, planters, grass etc.



this one is actually for rent in the hudson valley.





which is it?

summer week: a friday thing


we have a high schooler.

remember when i started this blog and fiona was 4?

let’s all celebrate today ok?

life really hurdles by. man.

thanks for being here for it.

much love to you all. really and truly.