have the best 4th ever


chevron print rash guard suit - i saw this on a FASHION GIRL and squealed. i’m into a rash guard. espesh if i am floating around on open water all day.

we are fully into CBD over here. all 3 of us.

most definitely need a hat on the 4th. i like this visor.

jorts. jorts. jorts. forever jorts.

set of 2 wine freeze cooling cups. why don’t i have anything like this?

truly obsessed with this overpriced beach towel.

there’s no right shoe for the 4th celebrations. i’ve learned the hard way that something comfy you can rinse off is the best option. these are squishy and will stay on your feet. also CUTE.

love this stuff in a pinch. you could make your own though. just need aloe juice, pure witch hazel ( i get mine here), lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil)

this mesh tote will hold everything. rinse clean with a hose and comes in 3987492730278305820384 color options. (ok 13)

this beach chair is the cutest of all the beach chairs.

this is basically a boat. i need it.

have a wonderful 4th!

new paintings!

hi from summer. oh boy. if there was ever a time i wished for a studio space outside the house it’s during the summer. ah well. it’s on my vision board. in the mean time i am appreciative of the dining room for it’s mutable qualities. i’m doing like ramona and living my best “when in rome do as in rome” life. fwiw it pretty much is never a dining room and it definitely isn’t rome. i digress. i’m here to announce a new set of abstracts, (a few have been listed…a few more are in the works), an instagram sale on friday (be sure to follow and tell your friends if they like original art at super affordable prices) and a new website coming soon. i’m ready for a refresh here on the blog and i will be posting again real soon asking you some pertinent questions. my online shop is getting some profesh treatment too. which i am so excited about.

what else?

my garden is flourishing. okra for days. tomatoes trailing well beyond their cages, carrots tops are tall and bushy (i can’t believe there is a carrot lurking beneath the surface), the basil is thriving and i’m going to turn it into gnocchi alla romana with pesto because can you even??

friday things


emily schuman made some cute shoes for us. i find the candy colors enjoyable. the prices too.

we watched happy valley and then decided it wasn’t for us. i know it’s good. SHE’S good. but first and foremost it’s awfully depressing and that’s just not what we want pre-bed. i was delighted to see o’brien from downton.

also started sherlock. it’s all very scooby doo and the episodes are looooong. still, i like watching, but it’s not great. but i fucking LOVE martin freeman. and the andrew scott pool scene at the end of season 1- i am turned on and terrified by that guy.

i bought some boob tape. wish me luck. if you have heavy jewish boobs like me and have tried boob tape please advise. i’m searching for a dress for a september wedding in new york and everything i see that i like is backless.

i like this homey, paris apartment. plaid wallpaper is thumbs up.

love these quilts jamie designed for furbish.

inside mara hoffman’s closet. i love her personal style.


stay cool in a pool.