fall wants

i find myself year after year thinking about sweaters and boots when it’s the devil’s taint outside. what is wrong with me? am i the halloween aisle in target in august? am i the christmas aisle in october?


i like these highly affordable statement earrings. plus honey is fiona’s middle name. so…

i am notorious for buying “occasion” clothes. i mean, clothes i will wear probably once or twice. and always in need of every day stuff. a capsule wardrobe is not my strong suit. i think this gingham ganni dress fits both categories. great for an occasion but i think you’d get a lot of uses out of it. i’d wear this now and later over pants.

i still don’t own a pair of loafers and i have talked about them every fall for at least 4 years. i think this sam edelman pair is reasonably priced and i’ve always had success with this brand in the comfort department.

this whole get up from madewell is one thousand percent my jam. jeans? of course. sneaks? sure. a cute lil short sleeve sweater? uh huh. if it came in more colors i’d buy all of them.

how are we all feeling about long shorts? i realize they might look weird on a lot of people (myself included). i think they might accentuate the tummy and make my tits look even huge-r. maybe you just have to find the right cut. i like these from the frankie shop.

i saw a MUA use this (cannot remember which one i follow so many) and it looked amazing. creamy and easy to blend, no shimmer. she used the color abyssinian.

i know. i know. shearling miu miu combat boots. as if.

a jersey snake-print turtleneck is just quirky enough. you could go as a snake for halloween too.

this faux leather top might just be my favorite thing ever. lookit that cute lil built in pocket purse. the frankie shop is killing it with their not-too-pricey fashuns.

this whole baggy jeans-tucked-into-boots, blazer, white oxford situation is giving me 80’s princess di vibes and it’s really speaking to me.

high waisted cargo pants. the end.

copenhagen fashion week

CFW came and went and it’s looking to be my favorite for street style inspo.

these were my favorite lewks:


most of these looks seem so easy to pull off. definitely into the neutrals. and long shorts, big blazers, billowy sleeves, oversized buttondowns, tailored high waisted pants. the general mix of casual and dressed up. come at me fall!

see the full gallery here.

doing my best


i’ve attempted to write a blog post every single day this week.

everything was rushed and dumb. probably because i am rushed and dumb.

i’ve slept about 5 hours every night in recent memory.

the long and short of it is it’s back to school week. school officially starts on monday but OH the things that need to be done beforehand.

i’m still plugged into the gram. watching all the fashion shows in copenhagen. delightful.

secured one of the dresses from my wedding guest post. this one. on sale for (wait for it)….

64 USDOLLARS. i’m so stoked bc it’s now something i don’t have to think about. although i will need shoes. i’ve got ideas and i can’t afford one of them. stay tuned.

added some new teeny bowls to my shop. buy two! or four!

this is our last weekend of summer. i plan on cutting back and cleaning up my garden. getting fiona’s room ready for studying and homework. catching up on blogs. and cleaning the mold rings out of my toilets. you?