Jenny Andrews Anderson is an actress, a painter and a mom (yours). 

Jenny has been around the block in all the ways. She has been acting professionally since the early 90's. You might have seen her in Road Trip, but you didn't because her part got cut out. Or you might have seen her in Let's Be Cops, but you didn't because her part got cut out. Since then she has done some other acting stuff, most notably acting like the dowager countess on this blog, My Favorite and My Best (pronounced EM-FAM. don't spell it out, that's dumb). But also in a few movies here and there and plenty of commercials for toilet paper. Jenny is also one of the founding members of Whole World Theatre Company in Atlanta and can be seen doing improv there most weekends. 

Jenny recently took up painting and has been surprised and delighted by her success. Since beginning in 2011 she has sold her work around the world and been featured in numerous magazines;  House Beautiful, Style At Home and Four Magazine to name a few. In addition to painting she's a pretty average mom and wife.